Wealth Creation

There is a broad perception in Australia that individuals only see a financial planner when they have money. In our view, those clients who might appear to be struggling financially with getting ahead can certainly also utilise the assistance of an adviser.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the mire of saving for that first home, repaying debt or just meeting those ongoing expenses that life throws at you. Alternatively, it is also important to prudently invest accumulated savings or that unexpected lump sum for the betterment of your own financial situation.

What we do at PDD Wealth Management

We understand everyone has differing situations and objectives, whether it is establishing a budget and savings plan to purchase that first home or proposing a gearing plan to purchase a portfolio of blue chip shares.

As specialists in structuring investment portfolios incorporating diversified asset classes, we work with a broad spectrum of investment managers and ASX listed vehicles to offer our clients a range of opportunity to build and secure wealth over the longer term. All investment products are carefully selected and approved by our licensee Garvan Financial Planning before being offered to our clients.

The types of wealth creation investments strategies we provide include:

  • Portfolio Construction
  • Gearing strategies
  • Savings plan and Budgets
  • Tax minimisation strategies
  • Superannuation strategies

If you would like to discuss Wealth Creation Strategies with our Principal, please contact PDD Advisory Group on 02 6584 2177.


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